Dr. Kelly Morgensen

Doctor and Nutritionist in Portland, Oregon

Dr. Kelly Morgensen

Doctor and Nutritionist in Portland, Oregon

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I was told at a young age; I was born to teach. Even in youth, I understood complicated issues with ease, and I had a knack for simplifying and explaining them to others. What I understood about myself, also at a young age, is that I was born to care about others. Fittingly, I became a doctor and an educator. Until my retirement from private practice, I engaged in both careers full-time, and I volunteered in my community. I have strong moral convictions and took many opportunities to care for the poor, and advocate for the marginalized and the oppressed. Helping others in meaningful ways is deeply satisfying to me.

In my encore career, I am a nutritionist and nutrition educator. My personal experiences gradually pulled me, like gravity, to my current work. As a teen, I experienced hunger and restricted access to healthy food. As a cancer survivor, I learned the consequences of malnutrition both during treatment and in the long convalescence that followed. In private practice, I cared for patients, including children, who suffered malnutrition caused by poverty.

Today, I am Executive Director of Dr. Queen for Health, a clinical nutrition practice and nutrition education organization. Our mission is to feed the hungry in both a literal and figurative sense, through individualized nutritional counseling, nutrition education, and nutrition advocacy. We believe access to sufficient and healthful nutrition is one of the pillars of public health.

I never doubted I had a calling in life, and I believe I found another useful role to engage me. I am inspired to help others understand the significance of nutrition to disease prevention. If I am fruitful, I will clarify the meaning of nutritional health and address ethical, social, and political concerns about distributive justice in medical nutrition care.

I am located in One Embassy Centre at Washington Square, next to Embassy Suites Hotel at Hall Blvd and Scholls Ferry Road, right off Highway 217.

DC in Chiropractic Medicine

BS in Human Biology

Past Chairman and Associate Professor, Department of Health Sciences. West Coast University, Los Angeles

Past Associate Professor, Division of Continuing Education and Postgraduate Studies. University of Western States, OR

Past Associate Professor, Clinical Sciences. University of Western States, OR

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    • Southern California University of Health Sciences